Out of our mission to bring about unity and reconciliation, we live a spirituality that centers on relationships: our relationship with God, with all others, and with the universe.  We are deeply interested in and try to foster the relationship of others with God, with one another, and with the universe.  The prayer of Jesus “That all may be one” is our deepest aspiration,and we find our model for relationships in the Holy Trinity of Love and in Jesus, Mary and Joseph who give this Love a human countenance.  Our characteristic spirit is a constant moving toward the more.  This is symbolized on our Coat of Arms by the martlet, a mythical bird which has no feet.  Striving toward excellence in all things is, however, always to be tempered by gentleness, peace, and joy.
Springtown, Ontario
ALL EMBRACING Respecting the diversity and dignity of all persons; people of all faiths are welcome. FAITHFULNESS God’s creation is a sacred gift, entrusted to all people; maintaining a life-enhancing environment; being faithful stewards in using what has been given to us, including time and skills. NOURISH First and foremost offering hospitality; facilitate learning; help build a sense of community; foster the personal and spiritual development of persons in all stages of life. COMPASSION Facilitating renewal; supporting healing, reconciliation and celebration; promoting justice and building peace. WORK IN CONCERT Partnering with individuals, faith groups, organizations and businesses who share these core values.  
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